Week 00

Week 00

The focus of this course is on mathematical statistics along with some applied statistical topics. In this course, I will use Python matplotlib, SciPy.stats, and statsmodels libraries to illustrate some theoretical concepts. If you would like to practice yourself with examples which will be given in the class, I strongly suggest you to study on the following resources on your own:

For each lab material, you can start a live session by pressing the button at the top-right and selecting a hosted runtime environment such as Binder, Colab or TheBe.

You can also build stand-alone web applications based on lab materials (Jupyter Notebooks) involving interactive widgets created with ipwidgets (interactive HTML widgets). To do this requires installing Voila library first. When you launch the relevant Jupyter Notebook on the browser, a Voila button will appear in the toolbar. Then, click-on Voila button to turn the notebook into a seperate web application which works locally. Live examples are available in here.

You can go further and host your Voila applications on HEROKU by following the instructions given in here.

Starting from Week 07, I started to include session_info so that you can better understand the packages and package versions I used for each session.